KHOTIM/RADARMANDALIKA.ID MOUNTAIN: The Deputy Governor of NTB, Sitti Rohmi Djalillah when she came down to see the progress of the BIL-Kuta Bypass project, Wednesday last week.

LOMBOK – Deputy Governor of NTB, Sitti Rohmi Djalillah came down to check on the expansion of the Lombok International Airport (BIL) and the BIL-Kuta Mandalika bypass project. The Deputy Governor stepped down to ensure the readiness of other supporting facilities ahead of the November 2021 World Super Bike (WSBK)..according to the schedule, WSBK will take place on November 14-16 2021 and will be continued by MotoGP in 2022 with the location used for the Mandalika Circuit.

To the media, the Deputy Governor expressed his appreciation for the progress of accelerating the construction of supporting infrastructure which is almost complete and its readiness is seen as getting better.
“Early October it will definitely be completed, our place is beautiful and the road is very good. Then the airport has been expanded, both at the arrival terminal, it is good and overall we are all ready to be optimistic that it will be completed and implemented,” said confidently.

The Head of the NTB Road Office, Reza Setiawan, said that the BIL-Kuta bypass had not yet been completed due to the 20 percent incline being lowered to 10 percent. This will later be used as a tunnel to the Songong area roundabout. In addition, this route will later be able to be passed by trucks.
“The length of this bypass is about 17,363 ,kilometers with a progress of 93 percent, the remaining asphalt at kilometer 14,900 to kilometer 15,500, the remaining 600 meters,” he explained.
In addition, this work package is done in a complete and complementary way. .where with the remainder in km 14, packages 1 and 2 will all be combined.

He explained, currently his party has been given permission by the Regent of Attic HL Pathul Bahri in an effort to accelerate work, initially only normal work 12 hours, and now can work 24 hours.
“Several Public Street Lights (PJU) have been installed on several bridges and will temporarily be installed as soon as possible after the completion of the entire road with the hope that all will be completed in early October,” he continued.

Meanwhile, the Head of the NTB Transportation Service, L Faozal explained, the traffic and street light safety scheme was implemented in accordance with a contract from the Ministry of Transportation.
Then, the entrance to the travel scenario has been regulated by ministerial regulation, including already having benchmark rules. While measurements are still being carried out, according to the regulations, 25 percent of the capacity.

“The number of transportation is set at 46 units in accordance with the regulations set by the Ministry of Transportation, both from one organda and association. Later it will be adjusted to the audience,” he said.

He added that currently his party is still waiting for the decision of the central task force whether to allow 25 percent of the audience. Then the movement that must be completed immediately, namely, 75 percent of the people of Central Lombok and NTB are more commonly vaccinated.

“For the lights that will be installed in total there are around 120 points for a 17-kilometer bypass. Soon I will coordinate with the head of the hall,” he concluded.(ren)

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